It’s your time to thrive!

Are you tired of spinning your wheels, always trying restrictive diets to only gain the weight back and never actually achieving the results you are after?

Are you looking for a diet that allows you to do it on your terms and eat the foods you actually love?

If you’re someone who is serious about achieving fat loss and learning how to maintain your results and wants to make lifelong changes. And is committed to putting in the work to achieving their goals….

we want to hear from you today!

Because achieving your physique transformation goals shouldn’t feel like a drag. It should be fun.  

When equipped with the right team, correct plan and environment, you can achieve anything.

Who are we?

We are nutritionist, and we aim to change how women approach dieting for good. We practice in sustainable physique transformations, helping you` lose weight, keep it off while living a life free of restrictions. 

Nuthrive isn’t just about achieving amazing results. It’s about cutting through all the confusion surrounding nutrition and weight loss, fuelling your body with nutrient-dense foods, without sacrificing the foods you love and your mental health.

Nuthrive was born from a passion of wanting to help women break the cycle of fad diets, educate them on foundations of nutrition and provide them with the tools to not only achieve their physique goals, but to learn how to maintain their results for life with out having to go on another diet again.

We believe that every woman has the right to feel powerful and confident in their bodies. The key to progress and results comes from better education around nutrition, good habits and developing a healthy mindset.

What we do.

We help ambitious women gain control of their nutrition, learn HOW to achieve and maintain their fat loss results, with out having to sacrifice the foods they love.

Whether your goals are fat loss, ditch restrictive dieting or how to maintain your results and a balanced diet that suits your lifestyle. We’re here to help! 

We aim to get you the best results possible by; getting you to understand more about nutrition, fat loss and what works for YOU.

Nutrition plays a role in both your physiological and psychological health. We aim to provide you with the tools, knowledge and the pathway to progress towards achieving your short and your long term goals.

Resulting in; a happier, healthier and non-restrictive lifestyle. One where you can not only achieve your fat loss goals but maintain them too while living a life you enjoy. Without having to sacrifice the foods you love. 

Meet the Founder

Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential!

Hey there! I’m Caitlin, I’m a mum of one and the founder of Nuthrive. My team and I are here to show you how to achieve your physique goals while still living an incredible life free from restrictions and self-limiting beliefs—all while having your cake (and eating it too) without feeling guilty about it. I believe that following unsustainable diet plans is what keeps us stuck in an ongoing yo-yo dieting cycle – and I should know.

I founded Nuthrive from the passion of wanting to help empower and support women to reach their physique transformation goals through a balanced, sustainable approach while being able to maintain your results. And say goodbye to fad dieting for good.

I also have a huge belief and passion for wanting to help women level up their mindsets and habits to enable them to be able to achieve anything they set their minds to not only on their health journey.

I wanted to create a service that enabled women with the tools and support to be able to do this. I believe that the tools and skills required to transform your body can assist you in achieving goals in any other area of your life.

With the right strategy and people in your corner, you can achieve your goals and anything you set your mind to.

My mission is to enable strong, confident women who develop a powerful self-belief that they can achieve anything.

I believe all women have a right to feel confident and sound within themselves. When we’re happier and healthier, with a stronger mindset, we can achieve anything. Through my physique and mindset journey, my mission is to educate women on how to have it all while living a life they can be proud of.

Are you ready to change your life?