What do you rely on to achieve your goals, motivation or discipline?

The two usually go hand in hand when people try to achieve goals. The difference between the two is that one leads to success, and the other doesn’t. Motivation is temporary; it comes and goes in waves, which is why it is so ineffective, yet most people chose to rely on it to achieve their goals. Discipline is a skill that requires practice, it comes from the mind, and the mind is the most valuable thing we have.


In other words, discipline is something you do, and choose to do; motivation is a thing that can come and go, which we have no control over. 

Most people will use motivation to get them started, but once it starts to fade, they begin to give up and go back to old habits.


People often ask ones who have achieved what they want “how do you stay so motivated” “how do I get motivated to do this”. Successful people are no more motivated than the average they have just mastered the skill of discipline. If successful people rely on motivation, they wouldn’t be successful.


A lot of us are always looking for the easy road to our goals, the next fad diet, the next quick fix. People don’t want to put in the work to make a change. Making change and applying discipline is not easy.


Many people will say “I have no discipline with my diet”. It’s not they lack discipline; they don’t link them selfs to their goals. When you connect your self to your goal, you will do whatever it takes to ensure you reach that goal.


We must know where we are going if we want to get there. Most people don’t set meaningful goals; they have no real destination or why and haven’t made the result worthy enough.


Example: You’ve unsuccessfully tried every diet over the years, and you still have a goal to lose 10kg. You’re motivated, you get started, two weeks in you’re hungry, and you now have to make sacrifices that you didn’t anticipate. By this stage, your motivation has faded; you find your self giving up and going back to your old ways. 


There is no significant reason or why to this goal. Most people go into weight loss with goals like this that have no real meaning to them and rely on motivation with no actual results. 


If this goal was to be this instead; I want to weigh 60kgs, I want to look like this, I want to run 5km without stopping, and I’m going to enter a race in 16 weeks. Then all of a sudden, you have a clear vision of the result, and you have a destination (the date).


Having this clear goal and something you are working towards gives you a compelling reason to change.


The in-between of goals and achievement is discipline. 


Along your journey, you’re going to come up against obstacles and temptation but ultimately how you respond to them will either make or break you. Don’t let it break you. 


Discipline is saying no to that extra slice of pizza, getting up at 5 am to workout it is going to bed at 9 pm every night. It is giving up the behaviours that no longer serve your goals. 


At nuthrive, we believe that you can achieve success by applying discipline and consistency – not quick fixes that require no real change and rely on motivation. Sure, motivation will get you started, but it is the discipline that will get you to your goal. Being disciplined is saying no more than you say yes, and it will lead to a comfortable life later on. It isn’t luck that will get you there; it is your ability to say yes only to the things that serve your goals. Most people want the easy option, don’t be like most people this time. Future, you will thank you.